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DDC Land administers new solid waste management policy

Sanctions trail possible violators

DDC Land and Santa Rosa Garden Villas’ Homeowners Associations signed, on January 21, an agreement on solid waste management. The agreement, spearheaded by DDC Land President Martin Sutter and SRGV III HOAs’ presidents: Phase 1 HOA Pres. Ariel Amable; and Phase III Pres. Nony Bellosillo, maximizes the opportunity of Garden Villas residents to live not only in a healthful and eco-friendly environment but also in a harmonious community.

Upon signing the environmental pact, a new Garbage Disposal system and regulation was immediately implemented.

As stated in its Garbage Management decree, every resident is responsible in managing his/her own trash or garbage. The ‘TAPAT KO, LINIS KO’ advocacy will be strictly enforced to avoid build-up of waste materials along the roads. Unit owners, tenants, and occupants are thereby forbidden to stock their garbage outside their property as well as to hang it to walls, fences, and trees. In coherence with Article 1 Section 2 of Republic Act 9003 of the Philippines, SRGV III residents should always ensure that proper segregation, disposal through covered containers, and collection of solid waste is practiced in support to the reduce, reuse, and recycle program of the government.

DDC Land also coordinated with the Municipal Office of the City of Sta. Rosa with regards to the stern schedule of garbage collection inside Garden Villas. The management made sure that each phase has its own schedule date of garbage collection.

Phases I and III has likewise agreed that violators of the aforementioned policies will be lawfully reported and penalized.

This Solid Waste Management System of 2011 of Garden Villas III will not only minimize ecological impurities but will also ensure due protection of public health.

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